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The Clean, fed and loved Mantra!

When it comes to parenting, this is one of my absolute favourites! As a parent, it’s easy to be worrying about bottle or breast, which nappies are right, am I feeding them properly? Should I be doing more with them, am I doing this properly… blah blah blah. It becomes so overwhelming sifting through all the advice being given, wondering who to listen to, and knowing who’s actually right! I find it amazing too that so many people can be so opinionated when it comes to parenting and if you don’t follow exact advice people can be extremely judgemental too!
Well let me share THE best piece of advice given to me when my boys were babies, which has helped me through again and again and put a lot of my incessant worrying into perspective…

“as long as your child is clean, fed and loved you’re doing a good job”

This saying takes it right back to basics and reminds you of what is important. Whether we are pushing little ones round in designer buggies, feeding bottle or breast, taking them on fabulous day trips every weekend or filling their Christmas stockings with a hefty amount of presents is irrelevant, these 3 steps are the most important to be concentrating on when it all feels a little much.


happy family


It can also add immense pressure when your Facebook feed is full of how everyone else is having a perfect holiday, a perfect day out, or how little Jimmy adorably doodled all over the walls in the living room and mummy thought little Jimmy was so silly and she didn’t lose her sh*t. In the real world however, life isn’t like that and everybody hides the bad stuff, everybody loses it now and again, and trust me, we’re all winging it the best way we can, because nobody has the answers. All families and their dynamics are different, and what suits little Jimmy and his family aren’t necessarily going to suit yours. It’s about finding your feet and getting things right for your family. Let’s face it, if all parents went around telling everyone about the ins and outs and the nitty gritty we would put people off for life!

The truth is, it’s hard, probably one of the hardest things you’re ever likely to do. Do it for you and your family only, their the only ones you need to please. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it, and remember it’s not the creamy-fringed, sunny, soap powder adverts you see on TV 24/7, If you’re doing your best – you’re doing great!

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