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What do you want for dinner tonight?


Ugh, having to think up something for dinner every… Single…night! It drives me bonkers! Fussing about who ate what during the day, what goodness they’re all going to need, the fact that I’m absolutely pooped from getting everybody ready for their day, charging off to work leaving a scene from C.S.I behind me, giving my all at work then sliding through the front door having to start all over again! The last thing I’m planning is to slave lovingly over the stove for the next two hours making myself more cleaning up in the process! No thank you!

So what’s the answer? Just recently I decided that I would make a weekly meal planner of some quick ish, minimal effort ideas to keep my family going through the week whilst still making sure they’re getting their goodness and feeling full. (You can download a copy of the planner here) I designed this planner around my own family to give you an idea of the meals we will be having this week…

When planning out meals try to incorporate everyone’s favourite choice at some point, but either stick to simpler menu ideas or simplify the ones you want to use to be able to keep it straightforward for the busy weekday routine. For example, I made a hearty stew full of goodness yesterday, my leftover lamb chops from Sunday, onions, root veg and stock were all thrown into the slow cooker during the day, so when I got home I just made some mash, dumplings and thickened the stew ready to serve. You could even chop the veg the night before so it’s even easier to toss it all in before you go! It really did help me to know dinner was more or less prepared so I could get on with other tasks throughout the night whilst still nagging the kids to do their homework!

Whenever possible batch cook and freeze ready for a desperate night when nothing seems to come together!


So over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my recipes above in the hope it can make your routine a little easier, and help you build a meal planner of your own, starting with my family’s ultimate favourite Fish Pie!

If you would like a recipe/idea covered dont hesitate to contact me so I can pop it on the blog, and please come and share a like and some comments on Facebook too!

Thank you so much x

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