Having a Cleaning Routine


I love a clean home, to the point it can make me quite stressy when ‘things’ are lying around, which I’m sure my family find quite irritating!

I have recently discovered the benefit of having a cleaning routine, and hopefully you will too! I’m quite anal when it comes to cleaning, in fact my better half would say I’m a bit of a control freak and make life difficult for myself by more or less overseeing the lot! However you deal with your cleaning at home hopefully my cleaning Printables will help you.

When I look around my home I like it to look gorgeous, everything having a place and minimal clutter to make it pleasing to the eye, which is great but I can spend all my time doing a surface clean and end up not getting round to the nitty gritty jobs that need doing every so often. This is why I’m finding having a cleaning routine invaluable! I have incorporated ways of keeping your home ‘pleasing to the eye’ whilst still making sure the nitty gritty is getting tackled by making rotas for the ‘not so often’ jobs too. Remember – it’s not about having a sterile home, just to give you a bit more order to make sure what needs to be done gets done, but more importantly giving you back the freedom to have ‘spare’ time too!

I love the fact that when people unexpectedly knock my door I’m not having to run around hiding things behind the back of the sofa, or not letting people go any further than my lifting room as I’d be mortified at the state of the kitchen!

Using my rotas I’m actually quite enjoying the cleaning routine and have a sense of achievement when ticking off another item on my tick list (l am a bit of a sucker for tick lists!)

So please take a look at my cleaning bible here and hopefully it will help you as much as it’s helped me.

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