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YAY! It’s the weekend again! My favourite time to try to tie up loose ends and get sorted for the coming week, also it’s the start of Half Term here too so I might be able to get a few other little jobs ticked off! What are you doing with your weekend?

So here is my notice board, it got bought in the hope that I was magically going to start getting organised and could note and remember every little detail needed week by week!

It hasn’t been touched in over 4 months, is unloved, unused and doesn’t even look pretty!! This weekend I’m going to spruce up and update it, bring it back to the right month and utilise it to help me remember all the important little things I need! Do you have a noticeboard? What sort of things do you use yours for? I will keep you posted next week on how it is looking and what it is actually going to be used for!

With our Half Term here, and more money to be spent on feeding my unfillable little men and attempts at entertainment I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to unveil my Monthly Budget planner. A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet I made to keep on track of my finances, know exactly what I’m spending and when, and find out how much I need to cover all my bills and how much I have to spend per week to stay on target! It’s a brilliant little resource I made a few years ago, I hope it works for you too! You can find it here.

So in the coming week I’m hoping to declutter the kids rooms and finally get rid of all the old toys that aren’t played with anymore. We seem to keep hold of so much ‘stuff’ up there and what with the promise of the jolly red man around the corner I feel it’s time to sort them out once and for all! I would give you a before picture but the kids rooms always mortify me!! Let’s look at it like this, I have two boys, who hate cleaning and feel a strong bond with everything they own (even down to tiny MacDonalds toys from 5 years ago which never even get picked up anymore!) I will attempt to teach them the value of ‘less is more’ this week! I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Let me know what you’re up to here, come and give me a like on Facebook here, and if you want to make a start organising, would like some printables, or would like to see what else I have on offer, pop over to my shop here!

See you soon!

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