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Tips for starting new routines

They say it takes us 21 days to adjust to changes or new behaviors before it becomes routine,  personally I believe it takes a lot longer but regardless of whether it takes us 21 days or 121, we all have to put in the effort and start at day 1!

Starting a new routine or making any big changes can be daunting, but a bit of knowledge about how to cope and what to expect can work wonders! A few things to remember when starting a new routine…

  • Commit to a timescale, give yourself and the new routine a chance to see the benefits and how it works in your life, don’t quit after 3 days making excuses it’s not going to work, why not give it 30 days then see what you think?
  • Do it daily, To enforce changes in your life you need to be consistent.
  • Write it down, Making a note of or using a planner to start new routines puts them clearly in your mind and keeps you focused. Also being able to tick of achievements as you reach them keeps you motivated and engaged in the task.
  • Start Simple. Don’t try to change your life overnight , it’s easy to get excited then take on too much, instead try and introduce things little by little until it becomes easier and feels like second nature.
  • Keep Motivated. This is extremely important, keep reminding yourself of what your goal is and how it will make you feel to achieve it.
  • Don’t beat yourself up, if you miss a day don’t panic or give up! Remember you’re trying to form a new habit and it takes time. Simply move on and keep trying.
  • Be proud! Be proud of yourself for what you have achieved! This is amazing that you’re doing this off your own back and achieving it bit by bit! Feel proud – you’ve earned it!
  • Have fun! Enjoy what you’re doing makes it so much easier to form habits, I’m not saying my new hobby is washing up and I have a blast, but if it’s got to be done have fun with it, I get my Bluetooth speaker on with a favourite playlist and enjoy a beer whilst washing up, then before I know it I’ve danced my way round the whole kitchen till it’s spotless!

It wont happen overnight, but using these tools will help you make it easier to adapt to new changes and hopefully embrace them! If you need some help with getting started or motivation why not get in touch or come and follow me on Facebook.

If you would like some planners to help get you started pop over to our shop to see what we have available, if you don’t find what you’re looking for let me know and I can see what I can do.

All the best, and keep it up! xx

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