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My nightmare this week!

So after much searching and some epic fails this week I have finally managed to clean the sticky residue from my iron! 

What started as what I thought was a fairly simple task, turned into a bit of a string of disasters!

My partner and I are professional chefs so our work uniforms are extremely important to us, must be pristine and look smart. Sticky gunk on the iron is not what you need when trying to get your chef whites looking professional. It has been leaving black marks on the creases and the cuffs and has been driving me potty!!

So, I thought a quick Google search could bring me to some amazing, simple trick someone devised to easily get rid of it, and I was spoilt for choice!

There were a few options on YouTube to choose from, and here’s my findings:

Toothpaste does not work – unless I am using the wrong brand or sort or something but all it managed to do for me was coat my iron in a thick, white, minty mess which I now needed to get off too!

Baking parchment does nothing at all – putting your iron on a high heat setting and rubbing over baking parchment does absolutely nothing.

Salt and baking parchment- again, not really worth the time, all you’re essentially doing is making the residue non stick, instead of actually getting it off and starting fresh, this, however, would be brilliant after the residue has been removed.

I then tried having it on full heat, to continually rub over a cloth to try to melt and rub off the residue that way, to discover I had the wrong type of cloth and it melted to my iron! 

In the end, I discovered that if you heat your iron on full power, scrape the residue off with a wooden spatula, then rub iron plate over a cotton cloth repeatedly to remove thin residue. Turn the iron off and allow to cool. Make a baking soda paste with two parts soda to one part water and rub and excess residue off. The iron plate can now be rinsed with water and should be good to go! 

It was an extremely frustrating process but it is working a whole lot better! I hope this helps somebody not have to rifle through the tips like I had to!

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