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Keep, toss or donate?

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Dealing with the decision of whether or not to keep items can be extremely difficult no matter how determined you feel. There can be so many reasons we keep hold of things even if the item is not enriching our lives. During my own decluttering process, and through a lot of research, I have found that analysing the object and asking yourself a few questions about it can be massively beneficial in making clear cut decisions.

Don’t overwhelm yourself, do a small section at a time, or a given amount of time, don’t take on too much and commit to decluttering an entire room at once! Start somewhere you most want to see clear so that you can start to feel the benefits of what you are achieving.

With each item, ask yourself the following questions to help you decide whether the item still adds value to your life…

Is this item currently in use? – If the answer is no, then has the item been used in the past year? If not then it could be time to go.

Is this something I love? – No? Then it also may be time to go. For example, if it’s something a relative bought 5 years ago that,s still in it’s box and being kept out of guilt, then it’s time to go!

Is the item sentimental to me? – Is it a relatives belonging or an item from your childhood that you’re keeping just for the sake of having it? Why don’t you consider donating it? Having an item stuffed away somewhere is such a waste when somebody else could love and use the item properly.

Am I keeping this item because of the money I’d have wasted getting rid of it? – But the money has already gone! The item is unused and sat round wasting money if you keep it, it’s just cluttering up your home and making you unhappy too! Set yourself free and give it to someone who could make use of it!

Do I have multiples of this item? – Do you have 4 hairbrushes in your bag? 3 pairs of kitchen scissors in your utensils drawer? More than likely you don’t need all of them so decide which are your favourite and throw/donate the rest, my bet is you won’t even notice they’ve gone!

Am I saving this item Just-in-case? Or for some future plan? – A lot of stuff is kept because “one day I”m going to … with it”, or “one day I might need it” honestly, yes you might, but it is taking up so much precious space and also taking time to clean and maintain it, liberate yourself and get rid of it, if you ever do need one in the future, borrow one, then it won’t be taking your precious space. I got rid of a lot of items I was going to get to do one day, my grand plans of knitting that scarf, learning to crochet, refurbishing that old table, the truth is, it’s never going to happen, so get rid and move on.

Could this make someone else happier than it makes me? – If the answer is yes, consider letting the item go. It’s always so much easier to say goodbye to items knowing that they will benefit someone else. Do yourself and someone else justice and donate!

Does wearing this make me feel good about myself? – Obviously this one is just for clothing! Does it make you feel confident and is it flattering? If the answer is no then it needs to go! Those size 8 jeans you used to fit when you were 20 are just sitting there making you feel bad about yourself every time you set eyes on them, Tat top with the labels still on that you don’t really like the style of, get rid of it! If it’s not for you don’t waste your time on it! Embrace your current style and size and your wardrobe can be all things you love and makes you feel good!

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Decluttering will make you feel so much better! If you would like more ideas and support come and join me on Facebook, for printables and my full decluttering guide head on over to the shop and see what we have on offer to help you! Which is the room you would most like decluttered and why?

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