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5 Tips for a beautiful hallway


Having a clutter free, welcoming hallway is an absolute must in my opinion! (if you’re even lucky enough to have a hallway!)

Walking in to a clean, clear room straight away is so welcoming not only for guests, but for you too, it makes you pleased you came home!

I am currently writing my in depth task lists for completing the hallway and it got me thinking about what an important step in the de-cluttering process this is! It sets the benchmark for the rest of the house, is a small enough space to not cause too much of a problem, it makes clearing the rest of the house easier as you now have a clear exit for your belongings, it gives you a sense of achievement each time you walk in making you feel bright and motivated instead of dread and overwhelm. You’ll feel inclined to carry on with the rest of the house!

So as I am writing my piece, I have came up with 5 great tips for a clutter-free hallway, do you use any of these? Have you got some tips you’d like to share? Get in touch and let us know!

  1. Have shoe storage – Before you know it you can be falling over a mountain of shoes, leaving dried mud and grass all over the floor in its wake! Having proper shoe storage is great as it keeps the hall clear, looks after your shoes, keeps you organised so you know where to find things, and a massive one for me: minimises critters crawling into your shoes thinking ‘what a great place to sleep’ scaring the pants off you the next time you go to put them on!
  2. Remove ANYTHING that isn’t meant for the hallway – Don’t let this little welcoming space turn into a dumping ground for odd bits and bobs! Get into the habit of putting things away and keeping surfaces clear in there to keep on top of it and making less work in the long run.
  3. Create a place for winter woolies – You could use a little box or a bag for all of your hats, gloves and scarves to keep them all together whilst keeping them out of the way. Make sure you don’t keep too many and stick to just the ones you love!
  4. Remove/store things depending on the season – Don’t keep all of your winter jackets hanging when you aren’t going to use them for months in the summer, hang them in your wardrobe until they are needed again.
  5. Get yourself a routine for incoming mail – Don’t let the papers pile up, sort it as soon as it drops on the mat! If it’s junk – recycle it immediately, if it’s something that needs immediate attention – pin it to your notice board and get it dealt with, if it’s information you need to keep – file it away in the proper place, if it’s donation bags – either fill them and return them or pop the bag straight outside again for the collectors to use again.

Once your hallway looks beautiful and exactly how you want it, try to take immediate action once things need doing so as not to let the jobs pile up again and make it overwhelming. I suggest putting a plug-in or some sort of scent in there too, it makes it a lovely place to walk in to!

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Happy de-cluttering!

Shelley xx


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