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What causes us to keep clutter?


So here we are, surrounded by things, some of which may not have been looked at for years, but we still can’t bear the thoughts of parting with it, some things have probably never even been used, but still we don’t want to part with it! Why do some of us find this so difficult? Why should we feel attachment to something we don’t even have a use for? It should be simple to only own what we need surely?

Well I’ve been doing some research, and I’ve came up with a few reasons we tend to hold on to our things, hopefully you’ll be able to spot yourself amongst them and move forward in working towards a clutter free future!

  • We can’t resist a bargain! – A lot of the time if an item is cheap or free I can’t help the thoughts flooding in that ‘I could get this for when…’ or ‘at that price you may as well’ and end up with no end of items I didn’t really need at all but I thought were a good idea at the time! Then I can’t get rid of them because they are still useful and it’s a shame to throw it away so I end up keeping it whilst sort of trying to make a decision on what to actually do with it, ending up doing nothing but cluttering the place up! This drives me bonkers!
  • We Feel guilty to let go of it! – We feel guilt, especially with sentimental items or items that were gifts. If you’re anything like me you have a memory box somewhere with sentimental, absolutely useless items in, or a box full of old greetings cards/kids homework that you never look at but can’t bear to part with! It is one of the most difficult areas to tackle, but is fundamental in the process, not only to free up space and improve your surroundings, but also to work through the feelings that items bring and to move on.
  • We might need it! – This is another difficult one! Getting rid of useful items that might come in handy. a) It might well come in handy if you keep it, bit also it might not, b) There will be somebody that could really do with this useful item now! Wouldn’t it be great to help someone else! c) We don’t have the physical space to be able to own one of everything we may need one day, so choose wisely.
  • We don’t know what clutter is! – A lot more common than you think! A lot of clutter is caused by not understanding that it is even clutter! I didn’t realise how cluttered my kitchen was until I threw a load of it out, it was like a breath of fresh air, but I would have been shocked if anyone had told me they thought it was cluttered beforehand.
  • We don’t know how long to keep things! – Paperwork is the monster where this one is concerned! Clothing, make-up and cosmetics, food and books can all be culprits too. Try to come up with a system for each so you can stay on top of what you don’t need anymore.

    There can be many reasons we hold on to items, but you will truly set yourself free if you realise why you are doing it, and make a conscious effort to address the problem and change. Remember not to beat yourself up over it, you’re not the only one and we’re all working through this together!

    If you would like a copy of my FREE de-cluttering booklet, go and get yours here, also come and give us a like on Facebook to see all our hints, tips and support! xx

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