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Sorting through Clothing.

A good place to clear out is our clothing stock piles!! This is so very easy to build up and get out of hand as it’s easy to keep things that look beautiful ‘just in case’, even if they’re the wrong size, not our usual style, etc.

When sorting through Clothing, do it all in one go, it is going to be a big task but this one is such a rewarding one! I suggest getting all clothing items together for one person, either on the bed or somewhere where you can sort them easily. As you go through them, ask yourself the following questions to decide whether to keep it or not;

  • Is it my size?
  • Does it make me feel good?
  • Does it fit my style now?

Put the obvious keeps away, for anything you’re not sure about make a ‘maybe’ pile, and for the obvious no’s make another pile. Try to be ruthless, don’t keep items because you used to love them or they bring back memories, keep only what makes you feel good now.

For everything in the ‘maybe’ pile, try it on. Use the above questions, if any answer is no then get rid, put all keeps away straight away.

So you should be left with a good pile of ‘get rid’s’! You have a few options now, eBay or another way of selling the items on to be able to make some money, or donate. Just make sure you don’t start sneaking the items back into your wardrobe! Get the items out of the house as quickly as possible!

I love the feeling of having all clothes I know I’m going to use, not having to rifle through stuffed drawers and wardrobes to find something you only feel mediocre in anyway is a fantastic feeling, now you’re clothes are streamlined to items that work for you! Why don’t you follow the above tips again to streamline your handbags, shoes and coats? Your space will look amazing and you could have some extra money in your pocket too!

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