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I’ve had a few requests on how to handle paperwork so let’s set up an amazing paperwork routine to stop any cluttering in the future and get to grips with getting rid of the piles we already have!

First of all, let’s get a routine in place. How do you currently handle paperwork? As soon as any mail drops through the letterbox we have to ensure it gets sorted straight away! Recycle junk mail and ensure you’re only keeping one menu of your favourite takeouts, if a new one pops through, recycle the old one immediately! So get yourself somewhere to put your recycling and sort through and put away those menu’s! I use a 3 way bin in my kitchen, one for general waste, one for paper and card, and one for tins and glass. I use them religiously and empty them into the relevant bin outdoors as soon as they are full.

Catalogues and brochures are a no no too, most things are online if you need them so recycle all of those catalogues and directories!

Bills need to be dealt with then filed for your records for 6 months, so I suggest using a file like this to store your paperwork. Shred all paperwork older than 6 months old unless it is a proof of purchase, a legal document or a warranty or other document which requires to be kept.

If you have piles and piles of paperwork to sort through I suggest you set up your new routine first then tackle a small pile of papers each day until all paperwork is sorted. Ensure you sort all papers that enter your house immediately so as not to build up any further piles. Set aside a morning or a set time each week to action paperwork which needs your attention, to make sure you stay in control and on top of your new system.

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